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Hello, I'm Spencer Diamond and I am a student at the University of California Berkeley. I originally hail from the San Fernando Valley which is part of the greater Los Angeles area, but now I call the San Francisco Bay Area my home. I am currently double majoring in Molecular Cell Biology and Microbial Biology, and I hope to get my PhD if i do not go insane first. I have been using Wikipedia significantly for information since I have come to college, and have regarded it as quite an incredible resource. However, while browsing Wikipedia I have noticed many errors as well as gaps that I would like to fill in and correct. Unfortunately, as somewhat of a perfectionist, I have hesitated to edit articles or create new ones for fear that I would introduce new errors or not write something good enough. However this year I have found that editing wikipedia articles while I am studying for finals provides an incredible means for procrastination (which I am very fond of). Further, because I am in the process of studying the information for my articles is very fresh in my head. But alas, Wikipedia seems to be quite addictive and I feel that even after finals are over I hope to continue being a productive part of the Wikipedia biological community...maybe even one day becoming an admin. Ok well thats my story, see below for some more interesting information about my work on Wikipedia.

Where I Go To School[edit]

This is where I will talk a bit about Berkeley

Things I Do On Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia Contributions[edit]

Contribution Goals[edit]

Contributions Table[edit]

This is a table of my contributions (The template for this table was taken from User:Johntex):

Article Rating[1] Created Major
Saved [6] Notes
Neurospora crassa Start Yes Symbol keep vote.svg Added information about the FGSC whole genome knockout project.
Triparental mating Start Yes Symbol keep vote.svg Re-wrote introduction; added information about steps in process; added external and internal links
Köhler illumination Start Yes Symbol keep vote.svg Yes Symbol keep vote.svg Created article
Phase contrast microscopy Start Yes Symbol keep vote.svg Added Image of phase contrast cheek epithelial cell

Image Contributions[edit]

  1. ^ "Rating" will list if the article has made GA or FA. I may also include other rankings like "A" and "stub".
  2. ^ "Major contribution" is a judgment call. Here I will state whether I think I made a major contribution to the article, such as the addition of an entire section or re-writing of the entire article. You are welcome to disagree about the impact of my contribution; and of course articles change such that it is essentially impossible to ever say how much of an article was written by whom.
  3. ^ "Minor contribution" is a judgment call. Here I will state whether I think I made a minor contribution to the article or not. Normally I will mark this If i have just changed some facts within the article or added a small bit of new information. It it is essentially impossible to ever say how much of an article was written by whom.
  4. ^ "Added image" - This means I found an image somewhere and added it to the article, following our image use guidelines of course. It could be a fair-use image that can properly be used in the article. It could be an image I found on the Commons or elsewhere in Wikipedia.
  5. ^ "Free image" - This means I actually created an image (usually a photograph), released it under a free license, and added it to the article.
  6. ^ "Saved" means I helped save the article from deletion. Usually by arguing in its behalf and/or improving the article to make it worthy of keeping.