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Electrical engineering student, Industrial music fan, audio engineer. Thought to be carbon based, often described by witnesses as being "highly viscious", may be flammable. Nutritional value undetermined.

Current Foci

  • KMFDM - filling out albums (primarily tracklistings. Larry Gilbert seems to have his albums onhand, and fills in the technical credits)
  • Clutch (band) - created entry. continueing through the albums
  • My eventual goal is to fill out every band with at least a 2nd degree connection to KMFDM. this should, as far as i can tell, cover almost evrey single semi-prominent industrial group.
  • P.I.G./Raymond Watts

Boneheaded Mistakes

individually relinking Watts to Watts, Los Angeles, California and Watt, as needed. should figure out how redirects work, so i don't do the stupid manual relink. Of course, Watt was mistakenly linked to Watts, which was linked to Watts, Los Angeles, California, so it was needed anyway.