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Yes I used to be vandal[edit]

Just to be transparent, yes I was at one time a vandal on Wikipedia (back in 2006 or so). I reformed several years ago, and now I only make constructive edits.

Other Languages[edit]

There are many more languages I can program in, however, I don't have time to find the templates for them right now.

Who I am[edit]

I am a amature computer programmer from the small town of Moab, Utah. Most of the programs I make, I release as free and open source software for download at I also own I like every thing about computers and I admit I am a computer geek. My most recent ventures have been into developing open source programs and additions to the Linux desktop operating system and the Android mobile OS. I still make programs for Windows, and all the software I have programmed for the last 2 years, for Linux, Windows and Android, have been open source.


  • Designed the website for Grand County High School in Moab, Utah
  • Programmed a First Person Shooter entirely in Visual Basic (runs slow with a lot of bugs... never released to public.)
  • Taught self Visual Basic 6 and VB .Net code
  • Taught self C and C++ Code
  • Taught self Qbasic
  • Taught self Linux terminal and MS-DOS
  • Taught self HTML, XML, Java, Java Script, PHP and CSS
  • Taught self How to use Microsoft XNA Xbox360 free development kit
  • Currently teaching self how to program in codes for Linux

Screen Names[edit]

I go by many screen names on the internet including:

  • Crashedata
  • JZc
  • jcrashedata
  • viciouspepsi

Note: I use the Crashedata screen name for all wiki projects.

What I did in High School[edit]

I attended Grand County High School in Moab, Utah until I graduated in 2006. In High School I was a member of FBLA, Sounds Grand (Choir), Shakespeare Club and I did some Yearbook work. I was also the webmaster/designer for the High Schools website while attending. My design is still being used. I lettered in Sounds Grand, and placed in regions in FBLA Visual Basic programming as well as competed at the state level in Desktop Publishing. I will admit I was very lazy and was not very active in High School until my senior year. In my senior year, I programmed two games in VB. One as a class final in Computer Programming Class was my JZc Bejeweled game. The second was a First Person shooter which I was originally going to turn in as my final. However, I turned in JZc Bejeweled because of bugs and frame rate problems with my First Person Shooter. However, I should have seen those problems coming with the FPS due to the fact that Visual Basic was not designed with 3D games in mind. This was the same year I lettered in Sounds Grand (Choir) and placed at region in VB Programming, which I did not compete in at the state level, I instead opted to compete in Desktop Publishing at the state level.