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Jacki Randall is a tattooist/artist/musician/writer currently based in Baltimore. Originally from Los Angeles, this self taught creator first garnered attention for her lesbian focused cartoons in the Baltimore Gaypaper as early as 1981. Later her works would grow to be included in diverse publications such as The Spectator, International Tattoo Art, On Our Backs, Jewish Times, Independent Biker, and Calyx Magazine.

After years of creating a myriad body of work ( she took up tattooing in San Francisco in 1991 while fronting the erstwhile band LoveScar (

An abbrevated listing of exhibition and show venues include: -The NYC Cartoon Show -The Leather Archives & Museum ( -The GLCCB -The Maryland State House (received a special citation from the Governor) -The Gauntlet -Baltimore Ink, Baltimore Museum of Art 2008

Some Interviews Include: -Tattoo Savage #11 -Outlaw Biker Tattoo Revue #60 -Tabu Tattoo #2 -JustOut 8/04 -OutLoud 8/04, 6/08 -Electric City TV, SF 1991 -KBOOFM Portland 1995 -Inked2 ( -Publisher's Ring ( Other relevent links: - -

While her fine art is signed J.E.Randall, cartoons and illustrations are signed with a stylized 'Jac' usually accompanied by the last two digits of the year produced. She continues to create work for various charity auctions, compose music, and tattoo at her parlor Charm City Tattoo ( in Baltimore City.