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Well, here you are, at my page......Wow, someone, namely you, actually took the time to stop reading the important articles (such as the swords, and medieval weapons articles! Love them! Swords rock!!)to click my name, and read about me........I'm flattered.

Well, as it is, I'm just too darn lazy to make a fancy page with references, and contents tables, and all that fancy junk,(plus, I jus' don't know how!!!!) so I'll tell you....nothing!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Well, I guess I could tell you some stuff.....NO, I CAN'T!!!!!....darn split personality disorder......anyway....well, the character Zankou is from a rpg game i goof around with, and....Cruzin4abruzin is.....obvious. My mom always said i was "cruisin' for a brusin'", so I used the name....ya.....I like Weird Al, his music is really funny. Oh, ya, Harry Potter, Inheritance, Artemis Fowl. BEST BOOKS EVER. Plain and simple.

Zankou 22:51, 23 January 2007 (UTC)