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Version 2.2 - (May 31, 2005)[edit]

  • Fixed bug with the "watch user page edits" feature
  • Added valid timestamp for paused edits
  • Modified autoblacklist on revert feature such that users in the whitelist cannot go to the blacklist
  • Added feature to auto watchlist deleted pages (easy to catch recreations of speedied pages)
  • Added feature to auto blacklist creators of speedied pages (easy to catch people insistant on writing nonsense articles)
  • Fixed a blacklist bug where a user could be added more than once
  • Made minimum size smaller (640x480)
  • Added a lot of new stuff in config
  • Add in temporary lists that can be added to. The auto-blacklist/watchlist features now default to these lists that are cleared when the program is quit.
  • Added more configurability in terms of "watched" pages when you're restricting what you're viewing. You can now do stuff like watch all page moves, even if you're restricting the edits to IPs.
  • Fixed column resize bug. Columns can now be resized without messing with all the others, and more importantly, you can now move columns "off" the table.
  • Added a config field for default project. In importing the watchlist and manually adding anything to the lists, if you do not include the project, the default project name will be used.
  • Fixed watchlist import bug. Now a modal dialog box pops up to ask for the project. It will use the default project in the config if none is given.
  • Added in option to open a browser to WP:VIP instead of the block page, for non-admins. This only works on en.
  • Added in a button to sort lists. Not only can you keep your lists ordered, but it may help in tracking down vandals from a specific IP range.

Version 2.1 - (May 26, 2005)[edit]

  • Added option to have table display in reverse order (new edits go to top)
  • Added color selection for highlighting
  • Added option to highlight edits on user pages & subpages made by other users (good for catching user page vandalism) Note: This only works on en/meta/commons
  • Added UTF-8 support
  • Added feature to automatically blacklist users/IPs who are reverted by those in the whitelist. Note: The reverter must be in the whitelist and must use a properly formatted rollback message, so in general this only works to catch reversions by admins, if you've imported the admin list, or non-admins who take time to write a proper revert message. This only works on en/meta/commons
  • Fixed bug related to viewing a moved page
  • Fixed a resizing bug
  • Fixed import watchlist bug
  • Fixed IRC connection bug

Version 2.0 - (May 23, 2005)[edit]

  • Importing your watchlist is now possible, though you must save your watchlist (go to to get your full watchlist) to your hard drive and then load it from within the program.
  • An option exists for highlighting page moves.
  • Regular expressions are now present and configurable. Regular expressions can be used to highlight or whitelist edits from matched users, pages, or edit summaries. This can be used to easily highlight AOL IP edits, throw away edits to the User talk: space, or highlight edit summaries containing cuss words, for example.
  • Fixed bug when importing admins from certain languages.
  • Added prioritization of lists. For example, if you're viewing only IP edits, you can make it so that if someone on your blacklist edits, it will still show up.
  • When you click on an item in any list, it will now appear in the text field below. If you make a mistake and need to correct it, this makes it easier, especially with long regular expressions.
  • Added column to show what project each edit is coming from. For most people this won't matter so you can make the column small and ignore it, but if you're viewing feeds from more than one project, this could be useful.
  • Added tab with author & licensing info. When people submit additions, they'll get added in here.
  • User whitelist, user blacklist, and article watchlist now work in all languages.
  • Source released

Version 1.7 - (May 15, 2005)[edit]

  • Added option (set by default) to remove edits from the table after they are clicked on (that is, you've reviewed them and thus they can be removed from the table).
  • Movable columns are now implemented. NOTE: When running version 1.7 for the first time, the default column widths will be restored, but this will only happen when running the first time after upgrading from 1.6.
  • Added option (set by default) to strip out wikiformatting in edit summaries.
  • Added highlighting for large additions and deletions of text.

Version 1.6 - (May 13, 2005)[edit]

  • Better error messages, disabling of buttons/fields as necessary, error proofed IRC config and importing admins.
  • New version notification tells user on startup if a new version has been released.
  • Added configurable browser field. If the default browser detection isn't working, you can select your browser (and command line options).

Version 1.5 - (May 12, 2005)[edit]

  • Removed a bunch of unnecessary save buttons.
  • Resizing issues are now fixed. Additionally the minimum height of the application is 400 pixels.
  • Show only blacklist (to track activities of only blacklisted users) option added.
  • Show only watchlist (to track activities of only watchlisted articles) option added.
  • Status bar added at bottom, now displays limited status information.
  • When paused, edits now queue up. When unpaused, they are added to the table. This can be turned off to return to the previous functionality when edits were just discarded.

Version 1.4 - (May 11, 2005)[edit]

  • Fixed whitelist problem where pages were not being properly removed.
  • Added in color highlighting for edits by ips, edits by users on the blacklist, edits on watchlisted articles, and new pages. These options are enabled by default but can be turned off.

Version 1.3 - (May 11, 2005)[edit]

  • Added support for all Wikimedia projects in all languages. You can connect to multiple RC feeds at once. (See the IRC tab)
  • Added single click option. Sometimes between the first and second clicks of a double click the table will have an entry added or removed, so you may not end up at the correct page. Enabling this allows for single clicking on the table. (See the config tab)
  • Buttons are greyed out as appropriate.
  • Pause button now has mnemonic (Alt-A) for pausing/unpausing.
  • All columns are now resizable, and your application size and column widths can be saved so you don't have to resize your window each time.
  • A list of administrators on any Wikimedia project can automatically be put in the whitelist. (NOTE: It does take time to connect to the server to download the list, so if it doesn't update immediately, don't worry. Also, there is a bit of a graphics glitch... so if after 5 seconds it doesn't show up, you may want to reload the application. On reloading, the list should be there. If the servers are down, though, you may not be able to get any list until they come back up. Right now there's no error generated when this happens... error notifications are coming soon :P).
  • Removing all the entries in the table via the clean list button is now faster.
  • Now providing only one .jar file. Should work with 1.4.2 and 1.5

Version 1.2 - (May 10, 2005)[edit]

  • Fixed width of columns so they aren't too small to display the column header.
  • Fixed T column to be unresizable.
  • Fixed removal from blacklist.
  • Fixed multiple connection issue.
  • Added pause button to pause the table updates without disconnecting.
  • Edit summaries are now clickable and take you to a diff (just like clicking on an article in the table does).
  • Autoscroll ability added. Move scrollbar to bottom when watching the Live RC and it should continue scrolling down as new updates come in. This can be turned off in the Config tab.
  • Added the ability to turn off automatic removal of deleted articles and old edits. If you feel the table is too "jumpy", this will remedy it.

Version 1.1 - (May 9, 2005)[edit]

  • Removed nick selection. User's name when connecting to IRC will now be based on the time they connected (in milliseconds).

Version 1.0 - (May 9, 2005)[edit]

  • Initial release.