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Cultural Freedom

— My Status —

My status, for a while. Alas, I have been driven off Wikipedia. I might come back at some point, and will try to explain what happened. For now, I will investigate alternative wiki encyclopedia projects to see if any of them are run in a more mature way. -CF

— My WP Priorities —

Helping to develop Wikipedia:WikiProject_Regional_English_dialects

— (A Little) About Me —

I am an American living in Scandinavia.

I'm interested in philosophy, language, and American, British, and European politics. (And other stuff I'll list later!)

I'm also really interested in Wikipedia! I hope it succeeds they way its creators wish it! It's an immensely complicated endeavor.... I'll say more when I get a chance.

Committee for WP Orthographic (and Dialectical) Justice[edit]

I'd like to try to help Wikipedia solve what currently is a bit of a mess surrounding how different dialects of English are handled in Wikipedia. I'm too new here to know how to create some sort of community-wide "project," but, for the time being, I created the Committee for WP Orthographic (and Dialectical) Justice. The main purpose is to preserve the diversity of dialects that currently exists on WP. Current "issues," potential solutions to them, etc., can be listed there. An effort like this should probably be a WP-wide project, but let's wait to see whether there's sufficient interest. (Please note: I'm still fairly new here....) -CF

For your immense troubles...[edit]

A Barnstar!
The Barnstar of Diligence

For your excellent, principled engagement with the question of the mass-renaming of the "Transportation" articles, and for very carefully cleaning up the messes created by others, without being bitter or rude, I, WikiFair1 hereby award you, Cultural Freedom, this barnstar in light of the excellence of your recent work, and the antipication of continued excellent work here on Wikipedia. 10:51, 22 July 2006 (UTC)

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