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My name is Chris. I am a free-lance Creative Director. I don't currently have any area where I can think of a COI - outside my own life, which is not worthy of an entry anyway.

A little background: I trained to be a journalist with a heavy concentration in art and computer science. Early on, I discovered a visual inclination and went into the graphic side of journalism. Like many others, I got fed up with the direction journalism was taking and moved to graphic design. Recently, I got a chance to work for a company where I wasn't just another cog in the wheel and accepted the marketing position cited above.

My personal interests are primarily of the geeky variety - Science Fiction, Fantasy, RPG, Tabletop gaming, etc. As well as travel and wine. As such, most encyclopedia entries I would feel comfortable editing are already well edited or so esoteric as to fail the notability test. So, you probably won't see me contribute much to those.

I think Wikipedia is a grand project with some problems. It's not an accurate resource for many things, but is a great experiment in crowd sourcing knowledge. The continued work of the many volunteers can help with the problems and hopefully provide the world with an unbiased resource for information.