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This user page explains a fair amount of important stuff, so I will probably revert most edits to it. However, please feel free to comment on it or anything else I have done on the discussion page.

Introduction & Motivation[edit]

This account is my profession presence on Wikipedia. I use it for editing articles related to my research in human-like artificial agents, behavioural modelling, artificial environments and artificial intelligence in general.

I think Wikipedia could provide also some introductory scientific articles, since it is good place for students to start reading from, instead of searching randomly throughout Internet. To be useful as an educational article, however, the text must contain not only an encyclopedic description, but also references, both internal and external to state-of-art work. Therefore, I not only edit these articles, but hope the others will do so to keep the reference list living and up to date.

My research[edit]

In particular, I am focused around virtual environments for artificial creatures. A good example of such a creature is a computer game bot or an educational agent. I am working on the problems concerning artificial intelligence, ethology modelling, and software engineering issues, rather then computer graphics. The results are aimed at computer games, virtual storytelling, educational applications, and ethology research.