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This is the page of a wise man; Byronic in its truest form. One who is very well educated, perhaps excessively so in other genres, but lucky enough to have wasted enough time learning other things that I was able to build a career using my particular traits. I won't contribute or add-on to a page unless it is lacking such insight and would be deemed informative. I am not a fan of the wiki Consensus because this is a world where the patients run the asylum and the entitled get the last word. I stand against this kleptocracy and injustice as much as I can while trying not to sound like a hypocrite. The rules are not followed by the page editors and this columnist has been pushed to the limit and finally created a key to unlock the door for which the keyboard warriors hide behind. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I simply enjoy the old days when you could edit something to improve it, or even just correct it with known truthful information without all the red tape bad editors use to suffocate any changes made by any persons not them. It's annoying. I was created by you to stop you and help you. Especially unhelpful and self-righteous hack editors who believe themselves above other users.

My home is Colorado, more specifically here and here. My knowledge is primarily here, here and here. MMA, Science (Space and Weather) and all things villainous, heroic and everything in between.