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Wikipedia articles I am actively invovled with are listed here. Feel free to talk to me about articles!

All the Personal Information You'll Get Here[edit]

Name: daid

Academic Background[edit]

(2001-2005) Beloit College B.Sc. Physics & Astronomy, minor in Political Science.

(2005) Summer student at Argonne National Laboratory.

(2006 - 2008) McMaster University M.Sc Physics & Astronomy. Download M.Sc. thesis.

(2008 - 2012) Ph.D. student and Monbukagakusho Scholar at the Department of Physics, University of Tokyo (practically speaking at the Center for Nuclear Study).

(2012 - present) Teaching and research assistant, the Center for Nuclear Study, the University of Tokyo.


A complete list of my publications available online can be found at my homepage; at least I think it is complete. I am also the editor of a forthcoming book: Stellar Evolution, Nuclear Astrophysics, and Nucleogenesis.

My interest in Wikipedia[edit]

There are many reasons I am interested in contributing to Wikipedia. I use Wikipedia myself, and found that, in my field of research, many articles are either very sparse or entirely absent. So, I felt that this was a good way to give back to the community by editing articles on subjects which I can claim to have some expertise. The articles I primarily contribute to are on topics that I have read a lot of literature on and/or have experience using (for equipment, experimental methods, or physics). My own primary research is not noteworthy enough for inclusion, and so I feel there is no conflict of interest conforming to Wikipedia standards.

I am also a proponent of free information, from the GPL to the GFDL, and this information can only exist when those with access to the information are willing to provide it free of charge.

Further, writing about subjects forces one to organize one's thinking in a logical and accessible manner, and so it seems fairly impossible to write about any subject without learning more in the process.

My homepage[edit]

You can find out some of my ideas or more details about me, things I do, or things I think about at my website:

Other Interests[edit]

I am a user of Gentoo GNU/Linux and advocate of both free software and open source software. I enjoy DJing downtempo music, but mostly around my house. I am known from time-to-time to play Magic the Gathering, GemStone IV, and Ultimate Frisbee.

All discussion is on my discussion page[edit]

Please do not edit my info page unless you think I made an error about my information.