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<The Devonshire Manuscript

The Devonshire MS Editorial Group[edit]

Raymond Siemens, Karin Armstrong, Barbara Bond, Constance Crompton, Terra Dickson, Johanne Paquette, Jonathan Podracky, Ingrid Weber, Cara Leitch, Melanie Chernyk, Daniel Powell, Alyssa Anne McLeod, Alyssa Arbuckle, Jonathan Gibson, Chris Gaudet, Eric Haswell, Arianna Ciula, Daniel Starza-Smith, and James Cummings, with Martin Holmes, Greg Newton, Paul Remley, Erik Kwakkel, Aimie Shirkie, and Serina Patterson.


Iter: Iter is a not-for-profit consortium dedicated to the development and distribution of scholarly Middle Age and Renaissance online resources.
Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies: MRTS supports Medieval and Renaissance scholarship through the publication of translations, reference works, editions, monographs, and essay collections.
Adam Matthew Digital: A digital academic publisher, Adam Matthew Digital is home to extensive online archives and resources, including the Perdita Manuscripts, 1500-1700.


Implementing New Knowledge Environments: an interdisciplinary initiative built on the methodological commons of the digital humanities that seeks to understand the future of reading through reading’s past and to explore the future of the book from the perspective of its history.
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Advisory Group[edit]

Robert E. Bjork (Director, Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies; Arizona State University)
William R. Bowen (Chair) (Director, Iter; University of Toronto Scarborough)
Michael Ullyot (University of Calgary)
Diane Jakacki (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Jessica Murphy (University of Texas at Dallas)
Jason Boyd (Ryerson University)
Elizabeth Heale (University of Reading)
Steven W. May (Georgetown College)
Arthur F. Marotti (Wayne State University)
Jennifer Summit (Stanford University)
Jonathan Gibson (Queen Mary, University of London)
John Lavignino (King's College London)
Katherine Rowe (Bryn Mawr College)