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Articles I've Contributed To[edit]

  • Bill Crozier (minor politician whose article was very unbalanced; I corrected some of the information).
  • Al McAffrey (member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives elected in 2006).
  • James Allen Williamson (Republican, Oklahoma State Senator elected in 1996)
  • A. S. Mike Monroney (1902 - 1980; U.S. Congressman from Oklahoma)
  • A. DeWade Langley (police officer and politician from Oklahoma)
  • Phil Gordon (politician) (mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, whose article seems controlled by one of his loyal supporters)
  • Jay Blanchard (former Arizona state senator)
  • Vern Ehlers
  • Rush D. Holt Jr.
  • Arthur Fletcher (African-American Republican known as the "father of affirmative action")
  • Ana Frohmiller (politician from Arizona 1930s - 1950s)
  • Ed Ableser
  • Ségolène Royal (French politican known as the 'iron mummy' (= iron maiden?) and a new 'Joan of Arc')
  • Bob Walkup (1936-present Current mayor of Tucson, Arizona. I wonder if he knows he has a Wikipedia article?)
  • Benjamin Baker Moeur (one-time Governor of Arizona)
  • Allen Williamson (Representative) (former Oklahoma Representative)
  • James Shumway (Arizona politican)
  • James F. McNulty, Jr. (Democrat from Arizona)
  • Edwin G. Corr (United States diplomat, Ambassador to several Latin-American nations; born 1934).
  • Ed Edmondson (U.S. politician) - (Edmond "Ed" Augustus Edmondson, politician from Oklahoma; 1919-1990)
  • David Fleischaker (Oklahoma Secretary of Energy)
  • Howard Hendrick (Oklahoma Secretary of Human Services)
  • David McCurdy (lawyer, politician, former Congressman from Oklahoma's 4th Congressional district)
  • Robert Harlan Henry (U.S. judge and politician)
  • Clem McSpadden (Democrat, Congressional Representative)
  • Brenda Reneau (Republican, Oklahoma Commissioner of Labor)
  • Bob Anthony (Republican, Oklahoma Corporation Commission)
  • Bill LaFortune (34th mayor of Tulsa)
  • Bill Crozier (2006 Republican candidate for Oklahoma State Superintendent of Public Instruction)
  • Politicians with Doctorates (currently a very short list of politicans who have university degrees)