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Hello All:

I am new to Wikipedia, and while I am impressed by personal pages of others, I have to admit I will not be able to create something as nice. However, I think that when people want to learn something about a user doing editing or adding content, they click the user page and expect to see some information. This is to help fix that need.

I live in the United States. I was born in the state of Ohio and grew up in Indiana. I have been teaching since 2002, and have obtained a Master's degree in mathematics. Things of great interest to me include, in no particular order:
a) mathematics;
b) teaching and education;
c) history;
d) space science, related physics, and scientific method and philosophy;
e) the New Testament;
f) church history, especially fundamentalist groups, the non-Western church, and history before c. 140;
g) college athletics in general.
I have tended to gravitate towards questions and topics which others do not focus on. For instance, when most historical inquiry about the first century focuses on the Roman Empire, I am interested in contemporaneous powers east and south of the Roman Empire. For another instance, in college athletics, while most sports enthusiasts tend to focus on the portion of NCAA Division I which obtain the bulk of media coverage, I am prone to investigate competitions between NCAA Divisions and versus the NAIA. In mathematics, I am prone to taking a greater interest in the algebra of multivariable functions than most mathematicians. When appropriate, I share what I have learned about unconventional questions and topics.