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Welcome. This is a rough draft version of my About Me Page.

I joined Wikipedia officially June 9, 2005, but I have been editing pages as I come across them for about 3-4 months. I decided to join after having an argument about a Link that I added to the Matrix Online page. Instead of editing it repeatedly while showing up anonymous, I decided to make an account to show that I was not hiding anything.

Anyway, I play The Sims Online and The Matrix Online, along with a bit of Halo 2 via Xbox Live. I have started a little college business by selling the items in both games, and by also moving money/simoleans/information in the games for a small percentage.

In TSO, I was a popular character named Towelie, and many people used me to either A. buy items, or to B. move items from city to city.

In MXO, I am still playing the game and enjoying it, and you can find me in Method as DaKing.

If you ever need help, just send me a message. If you play these games and want to purchase something to save time, my link is

Please note - I do sell items on this webpage, if that is not obvious already.