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Dear Administrator (s),

I am experiencing an inconsiderate deletion of my contributions to Article entitled " Ardian" by one of the users, "megistias".

I have a reason to believe that this person is acting in an inconsiderate and unethical manner. He/she not only keeps erasing my contributions, but his edits are written in a tone that arrogantly uderappreciates the history and the meaning of this name, Ardian, and any other Illyrian-related name. This is apparent upon the first reading of his edits, for he usses phrases like "imaginary Illyrian names", the Albanian name of Ardian "supposedly" descends from Ardiaei..., and the like, without ever providing any reference for these seemingly unscholarly and disrespectful statements.

In other words he does not comment on the name itself (etymology) but instead he focuses on political background, which I belive is ethically inappropriate and practically irrelevant.

What is megistias' phrase "imaginary Illyrian names" supposed to mean?

The names Albanians give their children are not imaginary, they are either real Illyrian names, or names made up of Illyrian words, as well as names deriving from Albanian language. After all, even if they were imaginary, isn't it too rude to talk in such way about someone else's culture, a culture that one does not belong to and does not know much about (except for a few citations from a book).

His edits contain a rather negative and critical tone of this and other Illyrian related names. There is not one single positive or nice thing he said about this or other similar names. He likes to say that what matters here is the reference, but he forgets that the crucial issue here: which one of several credible reference one would choose, for not all of them have the same connotation, even if the're all credible and academic.

I believe what he does is selective referencing.

Furthermore, he claims I never went to discuss the matter on the talk page. True, but he never invited me there so I never new there was a need to discuss it. I concluded that he had nothing against my edits.

I am expecting the assistance of the Administrator to help resolve this conflict in a fair and objective manner.

and I thank you in advance