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I am saving this news for my collection. i would later add the foto, rejected falungong banner(spanduk) in our comunity china town jakarta. They have no shame at all and still terorize our comunity after they rejected or kicked from china town jakarta.

Banner photo: Rejected to any kind FalunGong activity

Falungong have several painting exhibit in Chandra building (Glodok) many years ago before 2006, the conection become tense and oppose the falungong folowers activity in the area after they distrub and threatend the Chinatown Residents lifes. They activity not only make open the wound of the chinatown residents in pogrom jakarta riots of May 1998, and make they fear that falungong left them with the time bomb of the pogrom into the area and they future generation. They ask the goverment and the goverment make the Glodok area as Objek vital to be guard from any kind distrubing activity such falungong activity.