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About Me[edit]

DaisukeVulgar. Call me Daisuke or just Dai.

A final warning though, I have a personality that clashes with a lot of people, usually those who share the same personality. So I'll apologise in advance if you think I A. Hate you, B. Offend you or C. Start an argument with you.

You'll usually find me on the anime and manga pages or sometimes you may actually find me in the Japanese Rock or Pop section. The main pages I tend to edit or make minor changes to are BLEACH & Naruto with the occasional Code Geass edit.


On a side note, one thing I'm actually proud of was bringing to light the real name of the former 3rd Division Captain in BLEACH and how it is spelled Amagai Syusuke (Or Syūsuke) when romanized and not 'Shusuke' as was previously used. A thanks goes to BLEACH Beat Collection 4th Session 03 -Amagai Syusuke & Kibune Makoto-