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I'm Dan Brickley.

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My homepage (and OpenID) is at, with a blog nearby.

Just to be clear re affiliations, goals and so on, in the interests of transparency:

  • Since Oct 2012 I am a full-time employee at Google, working on and related structured data projects (e.g. I'm very interested in interop with Wikidata).
  • I helped found the Semantic Web project while working for the World Wide Web Consortium
  • W3C's Simple Knowledge Organization System standard was an outcome of the SWAD-Europe project which I directed for W3C.
  • I've contributed to various RDF-related standards at W3C, as an editor, chair or community member.
  • I'm a co-founded and project leader for the Friend of a Friend project, and an enthusiastic supporter of RDFa, OWL, Microformats, DBpedia, Linked Data, Data Portability, open source collaboration and open data (eg. Creative Commons) licensing.
  • If I can help improve Wikipedia's coverage on any of these topics I'm happy.
  • If anyone has a problem with my contributing on these topics, please raise it with me directly here first (am happy to talk by phone too if that helps).
  • I've worked for, consulted or advised for W3C, University of Bristol, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Asemantics SRL, Joost, UN FAO, BBC, Talis, MetaBrainz Foundation, Immuexa Corporation and doubtless some others I've forgotten right now.
  • I'm writing this list as there seems to be some disagreement around certain SemWeb-related pages (eg. dbpedia). I'm particularly sad to see this as I see the Semantic Web community and the Wikipedia world as having a lot to offer each other :(