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Hello! My name is DangerousJXD. G'day mate, I am Australian! I am a male. I live in Australia. This is my user page. Here is my talk page. Check out my contributions here. I love Wikipedia. My user page is a poorly written, outdated piece of junk containing many comments that contradict other comments. Half of the content here is insightful but half of it is trivial nonsense. There's also the matter of what isn't here; this page isn't nearly comprehensive enough. Talking to me directly at my talk page is your best option if you want a matter addressed.

So this is my user page. I recommend reading it. You should also take a gander at my talk page and contributions, to get a proper understanding of what I do here. If you're not reading any of that, this lead section will summarize the contents of this page. I edit exclusively on a phone. I focus on editing articles related to the NBA, video games, and comic books, but you could encounter me anywhere. I do lots of cleaning (typos, punctuation, layout, etc.), I terminate vandalism, I try not to sound like a WP:DICK, I have a few crazy theories on the way the world works, I have some 'Wikipedia rules' I abide by (such as never assuming another editor's gender, never swearing, never giving personal information that wouldn't be of any use on Wikipedia (such as my exact name, exactly where I live, my age, etc.), and always putting a "—" before the four tildes when I sign talk page posts, among other small things), I'm an Australian male who lives in Australia, and I really, really like Wikipedia. I also love reading, food, animals, The Simpsons, Futurama, South Park, Jeopardy!, SpongeBob SquarePants, sexual things, the Internet, outer space, and how weird this universe is. There are also intentionally lazily formatted userboxes, an explanation of my user name, a cryptic sentence about me, and other things that are good to know. Happy editing!

Why is my user name DangerousJXD?[edit]

Well, on the video game Grand Theft Auto V, if you call Jimmy, and it's not a part where he will answer, the voice message says: "Dis big J, A.K.A. J dawg, A.K.A. dangerous J. And I should probably say Jimmy De Santa in case this is in relation to a doctors appointment. Spizeak!" So there you go, DangerousJ with the XD emoticon. I just chose it on the spot. You could say that I like the XD emoticon and J is a letter of significance to me. I'm far from dangerous. DangerousJXD is one of the names I 'go by'. My real name is obviously not DangerousJXD. My username is fine but really, I could have spent a little more time on it, coming up with something more timeless. I didn't think I'd become a serious editor who hangs around for years but still.

About me[edit]

I am a PlayStation gamer. I love Marvel and DC comic books. The National Basketball Association is spectacular. The Internet is pretty sweet. YouTube, Google, and Wikipedia are the three best things the Internet has to offer. I don't have a computer. I don't have the Internet. I love food. The Simpsons is the best TV show ever made! Jeopardy! is pretty great too. I enjoy other programming too. I love air-conditioning. I read a lot. Star Wars is epic. I still use DVDs. I have some serious issues. Space is a wonderful place. I swear like a sailor off Wikipedia. I wish I was born a female. I am not religious in any way at all. I drink Coke. I love animals. I have mastered the arts of whistling and clapping. I am not a sucker. I'm a bragger.

About me and Wikipedia[edit]

  • My user page is stupid. If you want to know something about me, ask me directly.
  • If you asked me why I edit Wikipedia, I wouldn't know how to summarize it in a timely manner. I suppose a simple way of saying why I edit Wikipedia is this: I edit Wikipedia because I love Wikipedia.
  • I edit Wikipedia on a phone as I don't have a computer. It really doesn't matter though because everything is pretty much the same and I can switch to desktop view if I need it. You don't need to treat me differently; I use a phone, so what? I don't like the fact that I use a phone but it's all I got.
  • I believe that welcoming users is one of the best things a user can do here on Wikipedia. If I hadn't gotten my welcome message, then I would most likely either be very bad at editing Wikipedia or not be editing at all here on Wikipedia. That initial welcome is a motivator to get started.
  • Ping me.
  • Why did I join Wikipedia? Well, there are a few reasons. I initially created an account just for something fun to do. I also wanted another thing to do in my life that would 'fill a void'. Other than that, there really aren't many other reasons why I'm here. In fact, I'm not sure why I'm here now. I have fun editing Wikipedia and it's a hobby of mine but really, I don't know why I am still here. I take Wikipedia very seriously and all that but why am I even here? I do love Wikipedia so I suppose that's the answer. I do wish I never signed up though. I can't just leave because it's fun and it's too late to leave. On the other hand, Wikipedia has so many things to hate (including, but certainly not limited to, the trolls and the overall hostility). You want my advice? Get out while you can. Wikipedia can be a nasty place.
  • Don't hesitate to use my talk page.
  • Don't vandalize Wikipedia. Just don't.
  • I tend to sound like a WP:DICK, I tend to confuse others, I tend to take a long time replying to others, I tend to have long talk page posts, and I tend to say dumb things. These are all caused by my poor ability to construct proper sentences together to express what I'm actually trying to say. In fact, these first three sentences took me around 20 minutes to construct. I also have modified this point many times, thus wasting at least 20 more minutes on words that aren't even on the page. I'm not good with words.
  • My sandbox's edit history has some other opinions of mine.
  • If you're new to editing Wikipedia, go to the Teahouse. That is the place where I learned a big portion of what I know. It's so good at teaching new users, that somebody once thought I was a seasoned editor.
  • You know what I hate most about Wikipedia? Discussions with stubborn editors. It is the most irritating crap here. I hate stubbornness so much that it makes me want to log out, change my password to "hgffddvbjuifffvbbbhjjjuuttggbbbcfhhupppojlaaaqqgvzznxakkoppppjbbv", smash my stupid phone, and go live under a rock.
  • If you see a typo, correct it immediately or it will haunt you forever. I saw one once but I left it. Even though someone has probably corrected it, that still annoys me that I just left it. I was busy at the time but still. Never again.
  • I will now tell the story of the time I left Wikipedia. About a month into editing, a user had a "dispute" with me. The "dispute" was concerning false accusations, uncivil behaviour, misunderstandings, and me being an inexperienced, immature idiot. The whole situation was terrible. This "dispute" made me leave Wikipedia. I was still learning the ropes and therefore, I was not good at all at editing Wikipedia. I had 300 or so edits and I didn't like Wikipedia as much as I do now; I thought it was a cool, fun, little thing to do here and there. Wikipedia didn't have me hooked yet; it has its claws in me now though. Wikipedia is now more than some dumb hobby; back then, I thought of it as some dumb hobby. When I decided to leave, I left a message on my talk and user pages saying: "Bye Wikipedia.". I then logged out. A few days later I wanted back in. I tried to log in but I didn't remember my password. After a few minutes of trying to crack my own password, I suddenly didn't care anymore. About a week later (at this point, I was well and truly over Wikipedia), my phone broke. Five or so months later, I got a new phone. You see, I am not one of those high-tech punks that is always doing something on their fancy phone, so I didn't need a phone. Wikipedia is the sole purpose of my phone. I don't care for "apps" or social media, or anything like that. A few weeks after I got the new phone, I started thinking about Wikipedia. I decided to attempt to log back in. After a few days of trying all the things my password could be, I cracked it (and it was so obvious to me; I believe the reason I didn't get it earlier was because I thought I already tried the password). I removed the two notes I left and returned to normal editing. A relatively short time after that, I "fell in love" with Wikipedia. The rest, as they say, is history. The "dispute" technically never "ended". In fact, every so often, certain editors decide to have "disputes" with me. Trolls being trolls and such. It makes the fact that I left Wikipedia seem silly since the thing that made me leave seems like a lovely experienced when compared to personal attacks and such by trolls for no reason and further false accusations in a similar matter.
  • I cringe at my early edits.
  • I have a userbox below which displays the current time where I am. I am never active at 10:30PM–5:00AM and I can be active at any other time. I am very active every day.
  • Wikipedia does not use that method of punctuation, therefore, that link does not apply here. As for why Wikipedia uses "logical punctuation" and no other punctuation, you can read about it here, where it's literally spelled out, and of course in the first few sentences of the first link I just gave where it says: "The rules set forth in this section are customary in the United States. Great Britain and other countries in the Commonwealth of Nations are governed by quite different conventions. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Rule 3a in this section, a rule that has the advantage of being far simpler than Britain's and the disadvantage of being far less logical." (The only thing that is debatable there is calling any punctuation "simpler" or "less logical". That's opinion and this isn't about opinion.) Other places you can read about this include the vast majority of Good and Featured articles, most articles in general, and just about anywhere in the Manual of Style that talks about punctuation. It's very simple: Wikipedia uses logical punctuation. End of story.
  • Create an account. Some users once gave me some terrific answers to a question I asked at the Teahouse regarding user accounts.
  • Do you follow the talk page guidelines?
  • I don't waste time warning vandals with templates.
  • I edit a wide variety of topics here at Wikipedia. I edit things that are in my random stuff section above like the NBA, comics, and video games. I sometimes edit topics related to sex, movies, television programmes, Australian culture, food, animals, and wrestling. I edit any mistake I see on any page on the spot, such as issues with the layout of articles, grammar, general typographical errors, or punctuation. I spend quite a lot of time "fixing" errors. I revert unconstructive edits (vandalism, etc.). I edit anything I have interests or knowledge in, a lot of which is outlined in the section above. I do a lot of things around here that nobody else will. Even though I primarily edit things related to video games, the NBA, and comic books, I really just edit anything. You could see me anywhere!
  • I do not upload pictures to Wikipedia as I have the tech-savvy level of a stereotypical 70 year old.
  • I do not edit at any other Wikimedia projects.
  • There could be times where I'll be inactive or not very active on Wikipedia for a certain amount of time. This could be caused by a number of things. Maybe I hate Wikipedia again and have decided to leave (doubt it), maybe I'm busy (probably not), maybe my phone breaks (possible), maybe my phone signal is playing up (good chance), maybe my phone has run out of credit (big worry), or maybe, just maybe, it involves cyclones. Of course there is a chance I have died or something like that. If I was to choose to leave Wikipedia, I would leave a note somewhere saying that I have done so.
  • Sometimes, I make 15 edits to an article in a row. Now. This might be seen as "trying to boost my edit count" so I have 7 million edits. I don't care about my edit count. It is worth mentioning this here. Since I only use a phone, most of the time, I'm editing in mobile view (not all the time though as a lot of editing is made in desktop view, particularly editing that starts from my watchlist). In mobile view, you cannot edit the whole article in one edit. This, therefore, would alone cause some extra edits (copy-paste moving a section for example means a minimum of 2 edits). Couple that with the facts that my phone tends to 'malfunction' and ruin everything, I find it is better to edit in batches, and that I make quite a few mistakes, it's easy to see why I would "flash flood" the edit history. I do not do this on purpose and I apologize if it annoys you. I prefer to 'split' edits up because: occasionally my phone deletes my progress, it's more fun, it's easier, it's faster, and it limits the chance I will mess everything up. I do not 'split' up edits on purpose either; I just edit how it's best in the situation. For example, a super long article is much easier to edit in smaller edits, by editing the subsections. Also, many problems can arise from an article being super long, so sometimes extra edits are unavoidable. About my mistakes: I'll make an edit. Right? Then seconds later, I'll see something else, and edit again. And then that happens again. And then maybe something else similar happens, like a typo I made. Edits sort of just happen. The point is, I'm here to help Wikipedia, not look cool with an edit count in the millions. This is just how it is. If you edit via mobile, you will understand. A lot of things can be misinterpreted; this is one of them. All this is especially true if you're a regular, like me. Of note is that I tend to have a distaste for editors who are clearly editing for a high edit count.
  • I sometimes wonder who's watching me...
  • Wikipedia is serious business.
  • Are you here to build an encyclopedia?
  • I keep Wikipedia business on Wikipedia. So for example, I will never email anyone regarding Wikipedia like some users do. I don't even have an email.
  • I do not use any kind of talkback templates. That's what the notification system is for.
  • I do not make "(Semi-)automated edits". I do all my editing manually. I have never used any tools. In fact, I think it is incredibly stupid that some editors think that they are helping Wikipedia by making 200 pointless edits in 1 second. You often see editors say to others "Here's a Barnstar because you've got so many edits". I think this is foolish. Giving out a Barnstar to someone because they made 50000 pointless edits over 1 day is idiotic. So yeah. I think that those who like making lots of edits just to get lots of edits aren't impressing anybody.
  • When discussing things, I prefer keeping the discussion on one page. In discussions, I prefer to get right to the subject at hand. No irrelevant crap. Talk about what you're supposed to be talking about. Discussion in general really. Get to the point, don't waste time.
  • Sometimes I leave an edit summary consisting of three periods like this: "...". This either means I am annoyed or don't have anything to add. Most of the time, it's the equivalent of doing a "facepalm".
  • Using Flow for around 30 minutes was one of the worst experiences of my life. In a related matter, on the night of March 8, 2016, I had a terrible dream that Flow was finally fully implemented into the English Wikipedia. Oh the horrors!

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