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With so much talk about the "Cabal," I thought I would put together a few ideas about what the cabal is really about:

Collaboration: Wikipedia is not a one-person show. It is a collaborative effort, where no one individual or group has control over an article. The most important thing is to collaborate with others, cooperate with them, and show consideration when people have differences of opinion.

Accuracy: As an encyclopedia, Wikipedia should be accurate. It should not include POV, statements should be sourced, and broad generalizations should be avoided.

Best Practices: These have developed over time by experienced users. Respect their experiences, but also understand that rules were often made to meet specific circumstances. Follow best practices but be willing to subvert rules when they are contrary to the overall goals of the project.

Awareness: Be aware of what is happening in other parts of Wikipedia and in the other languages and projects. Follow the discussions and participate in them. Try to put yourself in the shoes of other editors, so as to better understand their positions, especially when they run counter to yours.

Look: Wikipedia is not a dumping ground for information and images. It is an encyclopedia, and the articles should reflect that. Consider which images are important (and free), pay heed to spelling, and follow style guidelines for each article.