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DarkMithras (talk) 17:45, 26 October 2010 (UTC)DarkMithras (alias) is mid 30's and lives in London. Self taught, but doesn't plan to edit any articles out of his knowledge as he does not claim to know more than the pro's - he does post a few things on discussion pages and has fixed the occasional bit of vandalism. He has a great interest in history, anthropology among others subjects. He doesn't belong to any religious or political groups, nor do he plan to be.


  • Can't stand 1-way bias. Equality means just that, all or nothing - no half measures
  • A history buff who tries to research as much as he can
  • is a Sci-Fi fan and has written a book that he hopes to get published.
  • plays table-top wargames and role play
  • Is a lover of all music, but prefers a chunky rock riff
  • DarkMithras is an atheist

That's it really