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About Me
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Welcome to my page, such as it is.

I have a wide range of interests, and I'm making some updates to pages that I come across.

Among topics that interest me (in no specific order):

Sometime, I might include some biographical information here, but don't hold your breath. Okay, it's worth noting that I'm a professional computer geek (I run networks for a living), and I live in Silicon Valley, the capitol of geekdom. I don't actually like computers that much, but it pays the bills.

I've decided to start adding some userboxes, but that's a work in progress that will take a looong time, mostly because I don't care that much.

I've made random edits for quite a while, but finally decided to start a bit more focused contributions, perhaps. I've joined a Wikiproject, and I may join more at some point. For now, I'll stick with the Hawaii project. I'm hoping to mostly focus on adding geographical information related to Kauai, since that's what I know and really like. We'll see how that goes!

Well, not so well - life happens. Back to occasional random edits!

I think I'll add a /Sandbox for myself.