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Routing Assets Database, or RADB is run by Merit Network Inc.

It is a lookup database designed to make finding fundamental information about networks available. RADB can be accessed by going to

RADB can also be defined as Routing Arbiter Data Base

Merit's Routing Assets Database is more accurately listed as RADb

Merit developed the Routing Assets Database (RADb) in the early 1990's as part of the NSF-funded Routing Arbiter Project. The RADb is a public registry of routing information for networks in the Internet.

PNWGP uses the RADB, so the IRR that your organization selects must be the RADB, or an IRR that the RADB project is mirroring.

In the past, the Pacific Northwest Gigapop did not require that its clients use an Internet Routing Registry database (IRR) to advise us of the networks that the client intended to advertise via BGP to AS101.

It has always been advised that PNWGP clients register their routes in an IRR, such as the RADB ( ) to ensure that their routes were honored by all of the PNWGP upstream providers. The PNWGP receives transit from a number of upstream providers, and typically 50% of the AS101 transit providers did not require that an IRR be used to inform them of the routes that the PNWGP would be announcing.

The Pacific Northwest Gigapop has been using the RADB as our Internet Routing Registry for some time, and we are happy with the service that Merit is providing. Please note that the RADB is not your only option, as there are many other publicly queriable IRR servers available. However, since the PNWGP will be referencing the data that our clients register in their IRR, this data must be available on the RADB server. The RADB project mirrors many of the other main IRR servers, and has a list of those that are mirrored located at When selecting an IRR to use, you MUST make sure that the RADB mirrors the IRR that you select, or your data will not be usable.


Routing Assets Database (RADb) and (RADB) seen both ways

Routing Arbiter Data Base (RABD)

Resource Assessment Database (RADB)

Reunion Address DataBase (RADB)[1]

Rice Allelopathy Data Base (RADB) [2]

Real America Database (RADB) [3]

Rad51/Dmc1 homologous protein (RadB)

Radioactive D'Bazzar (RADB)

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Alternatives to RADB=[edit]

To: Dean Anderson <dean at> Subject: Alternatives to RADB From: Joe Abley <jabley at> Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 19:38:04 -0500 Cc: Harald Tveit Alvestrand <harald at>, ietf at In-reply-to: <> References: <> Sender: owner-ietf at

On a purely operational note, and ignoring (having not read) the other aspects of this thread:

On 30 Jan 2004, at 18:01, Dean Anderson wrote:

It seems to me that denying my participation in the RADB may be a violation of IETF/ISOC/ICANN rules.

Merit operates the RADB, which is one of many loosely-associated public databases known as the Internet Routing Registry (IRR), each modelled (sometimes slightly loosely, with respect to local extensions) on RFC2622, "Routing Policy Specification Language (RPSL)". The RADB is a for-fee service run by Merit of their own volition.

An example list of alternative, independently-operated databases within this vague "IRR" umbrella can be found by looking through the mirrored databases at:

Each of those comes from a different database. All the databases are, in general, run independently.

There is nothing magical and special about the RADB in the context of the operation of the IRR, and if Merit does not want you as a customer there are plenty of other suppliers you can talk to. Perhaps start here: <>.


RA Project Update[edit] RA project is collab between ISI, MERIT, Cisco, and U Mich What it was supposed to be Routing Arbiter Database Route Servers Tool Development RADB Service Description Based on RIPE-81 now RFC 17 provide mechanisms to register routing informaton note that RADB now has PGP authentication for updates encourage registrants to maintain integrity of information now have more tools, i.e. rrc2r consistency checking tools provide mechanisms to access then information whois server provide information for the configuration of the route servers route servers serve up RADB+RIPE+MCI+CANET

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