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My Name[edit]

When my children were younger, we used to play a game called "dead horsey." It starts out like a regular horsey ride, with me on my hands and knees, and a child (or two) on my back. Horsey "walks" around the living room and other parts of the house with the kids yelling "giddy up, horsey!" all the way.

Eventually, I would collapse with the kids still riding, flat onto the floor. The kids would again yell "giddy up, horsey!" and I would respond, "no, horsey's dead." Peals of laughter ensued. I guess it's funnier to a 3-year old.

Anyway, thus was born the game of "dead horsey," and with it, the inspiration for my user name.


The semester just started, and that, coupled with my job, means I have very little time to offer Wikipedia on a consistent basis. I will be here as time permits, usually on Recent Changes Patrol to help roll back vandalism, link-spamming, and other unhelpful edits.

A year later, time is still very precious, but I have a little more to offer. I'm going to look into 6502 Assembly, Forth, and AWK on Wikibooks, as time allows.