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Debjitpaul10 : Debjit Paul
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Name Debjit Paul
Born (2000-09-24) September 24, 2000 (age 18)
Siliguri, West Bengal, India
Nationality Indian
Country  India
Languages Bengali, English
Ethnicity Bengali
Education and employment
Occupation Student
Education 12th class
High school Siliguri Boys' High School
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Hinduism
Contact info
Facebook kishor.bangla.3
Google+ +DebjitPaultv
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Joined December 6, 2014
Edit count My Contributions
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Hi! I am Debjit Paul (Bengali: দেবজিৎ পাল). I am an Indian Bengali and a regular Contributor of Bengali Wikipedia.

Being a native speaker of Bengali, world's seventh largest language, I feel too proud and amazed! But after travelling the long way of thousand years, that glorious past of Bengali language is somehow slightly faded today due to Globalisation. As example, though she has made her place in the International organisations like Wikipedia and Google, yet there is long way to go for her. So, as a Bengalee, I am doing a little effort by making Contributions to Bengali Wikipedia for recovery of the past glory of 'Bangla'.


I was born on 24th September, 2000 in a Indian city, named Siliguri. Currently I am studying in Class Ⅻ at Siliguri Boys' High School. I have lots of interest in Physics, Philology, Literature and Indian culture.


I have not made much pages or articles as being a Wikipedian. But I am trying to make those articles complete and colourful which were incomplete (specially Bengali articles). As for transleting from English to Bengali, I am trying to keep translations proper and meaningful as much as possible.

To see my Contributions, Click here: My Contributions.

In the December of 2014, I wrote for Wikipedia for first time. Now I'm trying to actively join Wikipedia. The article, in which I first contributed in Wikipedia, was মহাভারত.

I was very careful while writing for a article. I have maintained the New rules of spelling made by 'Bangla Akademi', Sandhi clusters and ignored the common grammatical errors of language. For a complicated article, first I read it thoroughly and then tried to translate.

Besides this, I regularly contribute to Google Translate for Bengali. (For more information: Google Translate Community)

Above all, if this little effort of mine benefits Bengalis or the whole world, I would be pleased. Thank you!