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About Me[edit]

For those interested in the origin of my name, I happen to be a proud Degu owner. I am currently a student at Idaho Falls High School and seek to make amends for all the ip addresses there being banned due to vandalism. (Yes Ryan, that's your fault) In short some bad Helen Keller jokes which were very, shall we say, "un-encyclopedic" in nature. I enjoy all things electronic and WIKI and edit stuff I like to fight the ignorants who post false info. Maybe I'll add to this page later... Happy editing - you make a better world!

What do you fear the most?[edit]

Recently I came up with a small quote,"There is nothing scarier than a well organized, systematic, convincing lie." Before turning this in to school I decided to run a google search to see if I was copying someone's quote from the recesses of my mind... It is interesting what people think is scary. Using the search phrase "there is nothing scarier than" these are some of the results I came up with. Some are insightful, some don't make sense, and some are funny. I just posted exatly what I found, these do not necesarily reflect my views of opinions. (In order) There is nothing scarier than:

1.A group of women
2.The future
3.Being a parent
4.Loss of sight
5.Being endangered in what was seemingly once a safe haven
6.A lunatic who believes he is doing the 'Lord’s' work, especially when that lunatic has his finger on the nuke
8.Oversized leeches, polychaetes, or tapeworms
9.People like you running around loose
10.Having a medical health problem and not knowing what it is
11.Facing the possibility of death in war
12.A virus attack
13.Running out of money and gas at the same time
14.A blank piece of paper at the beginning of a project
15.Speaking in front of a huge audience
16.A woman scorned
17.An angry wife, a mass murderer, or a US senator
18.The Cycle of Dumb
19.An unmodernized pseudo-nation
20.An inhibited gardner
21.A blank computer screen
22.A room full of drunken theater students
23.Realizing that you are suffering from hair loss
24.Watching Scotland trying to hold onto a lead
25.Losing a child in the wilderness
26.A blood shortage
27.Hearing the sound of Darth Vader breathing
28.An oversize hair-dryer
29.A thunderstorm (tornadoes) at night
30.Looking into the eyes of an 8-year-old and seeing no hope
31.Living with Woody Allen
32.Democrats in power
34.Sewing your seams
35.Accumulated assumptions and prejudices fueled by a media hungry to feed the fear
36.To have to navigate an intersection or drive down the road with a distracted bicyclist
37.A seven-year old ghoul
38.The feeling that you may fall in
39.Listening to a small child struggle for breath
40.Knowing that someone is in your house
41.To watch someone we love deterioate
42.Trying to fix a process without a process owner
43.Hearing a demon growling around a corner
44.Suddenly becoming aware that your heart is racing
45.Continuing to senselessly kill yourself by smoking tobacco
46.An educated consumer
47.Flying a model you can't control
48.Trying to get a loan
49.Seeing one of those mammoth gas guzzlers
50.Not being able to rely on your senses and your perceptions
51.A man with mass jewellery
52.Being 20 miles away from shore with an approaching storm
53.A person who does not seem to have heard of AIDS
54.A clown after midnight
55.The sound of a tree splintering right before it is about to come down
56.The unabated, unwatched March of the Scientists
57.Ignorance in action
58.What you see out of the corner of your eye
59.A mis-guided, conservative protectionist
60.An unregulated monopoly
61.Not knowing what's going to happen
62.Performing standup comedy
63.The prospect of a room full of junior high kids
64.Turning on the television and seeing "Psycho's" Janet Leigh
65.Michael Jackson's Thriller video
66.Crossing a street of an Italian city
67.A dog fight
68.Real life
69.Trying to install a car seat for the very first time
70.Evil children
71.The intense flirt
72.The ignorance of the American public to monsters of their own creation
73.A group of parents and advocates
74.Soccer moms
75.An angry mime
76.A club scene crowd
77.Being chased by the creatures from Alien
79.Having a UNIX server lose power
80.A rapping leprechaun
81.Having your roomate chase you around with the giant hairball
82.A beaver dressed as a chicken
83.Thinking that your house or something in it is on fire
84.When those we love are teetering on that thin line
85.Watching your child fall in love with a psycho
86.Staring at some classical music
87.A pack of girls cruisin' the halls
88.A group of drunks in lapel-less jackets
89.The unseen and unexplainable
90.Passing on a two-lane road
91.A ship designed by an architect
92.To realize that you don't have much control over your destiny
93.Big Christopher Walken with a big axe
94.An angry fatty
95.Going out back behind the cabin for a pee
96.Standing next to someone who doesn't know how to properly handle a firearm
97.20-year-old males
98.A clown
99.An email that starts off, ‘You don’t know me but …’
100.The unknown