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I've found that most of the editing I've done has been to correct obvious grammar issues or typos, or issues where I notice vandalism on a page. When it comes to adding new material to existing articles, I'd rather discuss it in the talk page first and see what other, more educated folks might think about the subject first. Other than that, I'm just fixing whatever I notice is broken when I see it.


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I'm a native English speaker. I'm very interested in learning other languages, but so far I've only been able to dabble in a couple. In high school I took French for three years, as well as a semester in college. I've also taken two semesters of Japanese, but as my university only offers the beginning year, I've been forced to continue on my own without any formal instruction. It's safe to say that my skills in Japanese are rudimentary at best, and while I'm slightly more proficient with French, I'm quite out of practice.

It's probably safe to say I plan on sticking to English language pages for any editing/discussion purposes.

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