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    Dice Maniacs' Club (the Random Fandom) / Collecting Dice / Würfel sammeln[edit]

    Dice Maniacs' Official Die

    The Dice Maniacs' Club aka The Random Fandom, called DMC by many of its members was founded September 14, 1999 by Alexander Simkin and in 2012 has now become part of the Dice Collecting group on Facebook founded & run by Michael Schäffer.

    Pictured is the official DMC dice designed by its members and manufactured by the Polish company Q-Workshop. And thanks to the DMC managers it is free to its members.

    • DMC is an international group with about 300 members from England, United States, Singapore, Portugal, France, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, Australia, Chile, Germany, Canada, Malta and Switzerland.
    • United States from Georgia, Colorado, Alaska, California, New York, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Oregon, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, Indiana, Washington, Massachusetts, Illinois, Minnesota.

    The DMC is a place for everyone and anyone interested in any and all aspects of Dice. We have beginners that start with 7 dice and want to know everything about how to increase their collections to others that have been collecting for decades and have very specific and complex questions. Any and all questions are welcome!

    We have a great message board that centralizes these questions and a photo album section, where members can post photos or their dice. We also have links to History of Dice, Mathematics of Dice, and Where to Get Dice. Many members have their own dice websites but if you wish to have your dice online but do not wish to have your own website, Kevin Cook will host your dice for you on his site.

    The DMC is the only authority recognized by Guinness to officiate over dice record attempts and has been mentioned in connection with Kevin Cook's record in "The Guinness Book of Records". The DMC was also mentioned in a book about records aimed at younger kids. At one time, the DMC had the greatest number of pictures of dice anywhere on the web. However, that has since changed after Kevin Cook has moved his pictures over to his own site.

    • Dr. Alexander Simkin, Site Manager
    Dr. Alexander Simkin, in England, founded The Club after corresponding, trading and meeting dice collectors around the world, especially Dan Glimne in Sweden and Leo van der Heijdt in the Netherlands. He suspected there were many other collectors and alealogists (dice enthusiasts) out there and wanted somewhere for collectors to meet, discuss their collections and post pictures of their dice. MSN Groups offered all those functions, so he went with MSN to form The Club. Alexander got his first set of unusual dice in the early 1980's after getting interested in tabletop role\-playing games, but did not start collecting dice in earnest until 1990. He has about 4,000 dice, but unlike Kevin Cook, cannot be bothered to catalogue them all but has what is probably the most varied collection of dice in the UK. Alexander has been featured in magazines and on national television in the United Kingdom. The only book in English on dice (as opposed to dice games), "Face to Face with Dice", was jointly dedicated to Alexander by the author, Leo van der Heijdt.

    • Kevin Cook, Assistant Manager
    Kevin Cook is in the Guinness World Record holding the record for having the world's largest dice collection. At the time of this article he is approaching 24,000 (2008), 30,000 (2010), now over 45,000 (2013) dice. Kevin Cook, lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, and has been collecting incessantly for over 30 years. Dice Collector

    • Pwee Keng Ho, Assistant Manager
    Pwee Keng Ho, from Singapore, has traded & will trade with many of the DMC people from all over the world. He is very knowledgeable and shares his knowledge with zest and happily. He also belongs to Board Game Geek and like the Alexander & Kevin will make you feel welcome, answer questions, offer advice, and help any way they can to enhance or start you on your way to the joys of collecting dice.

    • A few other Notable Members
    We have a member from a Dice Manufacturing Company, Chas, the owner of MacGregor Historic Games & Pentagram Design.
    And a member that has written a book about dice, Leo van der Heijdt 's, "Face to Face with Dice, 500 Years of Dice and Dicing."

    Article written by the members of the DMC – Dice Maniacs' Club (the Random Fandom) / Collecting Dice / Würfel sammeln

    Contributing DMC & now Facebook Dice Club Members

    Kevin Cook Dice Collector

    Linda Norris dicedame

    Alexander Simkin

    Pwee Keng Ho