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Who Am I[edit]

I live in Melbourne, Australia. And i have the feeling that i've [filled out a user profile before...]

Where Am I[edit]

Most of my time on the internet begins at this page:

I also have an e-mail address at: (remove the text "NOSPAM")

Articles To Which I Have Contributed[edit]

I joined Wikipedia on 17th Sept, 2005, but have contributed as an anonymous IP address before that.

Nobody "owns" credit to a Wiki article, but still, everyone has their pet articles, which might have been woefully brief summaries before they decided to nurture them toward health. Personally, i get emotional about these two 19th century women;

Both are very interesting people, whom we don't hear much about at all (and we really should). I am happy to say that, with the help of some excellent references and primary documents, both articles have been heavily expanded upon from meagre beginnings, and are well on their way to being respectable biographical summaries of these amazing women.

I have started this article, and hope to continue expanding it along with others:

  • Edward Lawrence Wheelwright - an important Australian economist that drew attention to the dangers of international free trade policies.

I have made more minor contributions to the following articles;

  • National American Woman Suffrage Association - the political history of this organisation is really quite interesting, and the article needs a lot more work. If anyone can locate some primary sources, please go to town on it.
  • Double-slit experiment - quantum mechanics is fascinating.
  • Herald Sun - the cultural and political impact of this newspaper has been heavily documented, but infrequently summarised in an accessible way.
  • Lindsay Tanner - there is a lot of hostility, for some reason, to including more recent information on this politician's career, so i have been working to build up references here.
  • Peter Trusler - an important Australian palaeo-artist; if you live in Australia and have an interest in palaeontology, you've almost definitely seen his work.

Discussion of Wikipedia Issues[edit]

I like to think that i've made some useful contribution to Article Discussion pages as well;

  • - on the identification of a blatant "selective misquote". This really annoyed me; at the time i was just discovering Matilda Joslyn Gage, and it was annoying to find that the Wikipedia article about her was nothing more than an attempt to exploit this woman to promote a particular political group (whose policies had so little relevance to Gage herself, especially as the group in question was formed roughly a century after she died...). The fact that she had been so deliberately (apparently ;-) ) misquoted, in such a way as to reverse her actual position on a topic (abortion, in this case), really disgusted me.