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Logo of Dentsu Indonesia


Dentsu Inc. (株式会社電通 Kabushiki-gaisha Dentsū?) is a well-known Japanese advertising and public relations company whose headquarters are located in the Dentsu Building in the Shiodome district of Minato, Tokyo.

Dentsu Indonesia[edit]

Dentsu Indonesia is a well blended Japanese – Indonesia cultured brand agency with an integrated full service brand agency that has knowledge, expertise, and human touch towards the brand value creation. Dentsu Indonesia supported with passionate, proactive employee that welcomes difficult assignments and challenges and never give up until the brand succeed. Dentsu Indonesia is chaired by Elbinasari Suryo Soemantri as a President Director.


Dentsu was originally established as Japan Advertising Ltd. and Telegraphic Service Co. by Hoshiro Mitsunaga. In 1906, Telegraphic Service Co. became Japan Telegraphic Communication Co., Ltd. In 1907, Japan Advertising Ltd. merged with Japan Telegraphic Communication Co., Ltd. to create advertising and communications operations.

In 1936, Japan Telegraphic Communication Co., Ltd. sold off its news division to Doumei News Agency, to change the company's focus to specialized advertising. In 1946, 16 companies were acquired in order to supplement Japan Telegraphic's advertising business. That same year, operational bases were established in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyūshū. In 1951, with the arrival of commercial radio broadcasting in Japan, the Radio Division is established at Japan Telegraphic's head and local offices.

In 1955, Japan Telegraphic Communication Co., Ltd. changed its name to Dentsu. In 1995, Dentsu created five domestic regional subsidiaries. Dentsu became part of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2001. On 12 July 2012 Dentsu agreed to acquire British-based Aegis Group plc in a cash deal worth $4.9 billion. The deal was completed in March 2013.

Dentsu Indonesia Clients List[edit]

  • ABC President – Nu Milk Tea
  • AJINOMOTO – Ajinomoto, Masako, Mayumi
  • Ardiles – Back To Cool
  • DJARUM – IN Mild
  • Glico – Pocky
  • Hoka Hoka Bento – HoCafe, Kidzu Bento, Tempura
  • JJ Royal – Kopi Tubruk, Tanah Toraja
  • KAO – ATTACK—SAVE THE WATER LIFE, Attack Liquid, Biore Hygiene, Biore Pure Mild, Laurier
  • LA Lights – Fresher Cooler
  • LINE –Line TVCs
  • POCARI – Pocari Sweat
  • TOYOTA – HIACE, Indonesian International Motor Show 2012, NAV1
  • YAKULT – Yakult Cintai Ususmu

Dentsu Indonesia Advertising Work[edit]

  • Attack Liquid
  • Back To Cool
  • Biore Hygiene
  • Biore Pure Mild
  • Fresher Cooler
  • HoCafe
  • IN Mild
  • Indonesian International Motor Show 2012
  • Kidzu Bento
  • Kopi Tubruk
  • Laurier
  • Line TVCs
  • Masako
  • Mayumi
  • NAV1
  • Nu Milk Tea
  • Pocari Sweat
  • Pocky
  • Tanah Toraja
  • Tempura
  • Yakult Cintai Ususmu

Dentsu in Indonesia[edit]

In 2011, PT Dentsu Inter Admark Media Group launched JKT48, one of the many sister groups of AKB48 outside Japan. The office is located on Graha CIMB Niaga 22nd Floor Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav 58, Jakarta 12190, Indonesia. Dentsu Inc. (株式会社電通, Kabushiki-gaisha Dentsū) is the owner of PT Dentsu Inter Admark Media Group.


One of the best and biggest companies in terms of taxpayer in South Jakarta on 2012