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I am an eclectic soul that enjoys dabbling in diverse fields. However, I do have a few areas, mentioned below that extensive knowledge about. I have used WikiPedia in the past, and decided to help revise and create its content.

Professional Credentials[edit]

  • B.A. Biblical Studies
Minor: Philosophy
Minor: Ancient Languages
  • M.A. Clinical Psychology (Family Psychology)

Professional Work[edit]

  • Research Coordinator for a computational linguistics research project.
  • Counseling (at the trainee level, I decided not pursue the doctorate.)
  • Teacher (specifically focusing on gifted and learning different individuals.)
  • A host of retail jobs, including my current one as a bookseller for corporations and educational institutions.

Personal Interests[edit]

I enjoy physics in particular and science in general. But I continue to pursue course work in the humanities as well. I particularly enjoy combining differing fields into instructional areas. Thus I enjoy looking at Zen perspectives on Christianity, or examining the sociological/psychological side of science. One of my new penchants is for psychological linguistics.

D. M. Arney, M.A.
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