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Dustin Lambert[edit]

I am Dustin Lambert, from Davis, California. I am enrolled currently in Da Vinci High School, in Davis. I have lived in davis for quite a while now, for about six years. Before I moved to Davis I lived in Capay Valley, about a forty five minute drive from Davis. While I lived in Capay Valley I attended a private school called Waldorf in Davis. I was in waldorf from kindergarden until 8th grade. After Waldorf I went to Emerson Junior High for one year, and am now at Da Vinci High School. I like to play bass guitar in my free time. I enjoy playing and listening to all kinds of music, but mostly rock oriented. I don't do much else. Remember: Everything's always beautiful. But there are other things I do, such as writing...See The philosophy, below

The Philosophy[edit]

There's two kind of people. We can represent the two kinds with two different signs, in this case (-) and (+). The negative and positive signs dont mean one is better than the other.

A positive and a negative can work together, because the negative overpowers the positive. The overpowering can be seen as a control, or as a guide

If two positives are together, then they can over power the negative, and the negative will be pushed away.

If two negatives are together, they will not work, each wanting to better than the other.

NOTE: the terms NEGATIVE and POSITIVE don't relate to the characteristic of the personallity type, but is just a representation.

Later addition: A third (*) and fourth (/) personallity type.

(*) may be a person that works with both, being easily overpowered, or controlled. (/) may be so strong that no (-) or (+) will be around them, but a (*) may, like a sidekick, or puppet.

There are flaws that havn't been worked out yet, that is the general idea. The personallities types have to be seen as a class, it is understood that there are many different kinds of people, and not can fit in to The Philosophy