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Greetings to all!
I'm a retired college professor – of business – mostly of business law.
I'm also a lifetime bus nut –
largely because I grew up in a Greyhound family.
I became irretrievably hooked on buses and bus operations literally longer ago than I can remember –
that is, since I was younger than 3.
I watched my father while he drove 37 years for Greyhound –
starting in 1940 (the year in which I was born) –
starting for the Southeastern Greyhound Lines,
which became a part of the Southern Greyhound Lines,
which became a part of the Greyhound Lines East,
which became a part of the undivided (second) Greyhound Lines, Inc., known also as the (second) GLI,
which The Greyhound Corporation sold in 1987 to a new, separate, independent firm unrelated to the original parent Greyhound firm –
a new company named as the GLI Holding Company, based in Dallas, Texas,
which was the property of a group of private investors under the promotion of Fred Currey, a former executive of the Transcontinental Bus System –
which used the trade name of the Continental Trailways –
and which became renamed as the Trailways, Inc., called also TWI, also based in Dallas –
and which the GLI bought and merged into itself –
after which Fred Currey completely ruined both Greyhound and Trailways (both GLI and TWI) –
after which the lenders and the other investors ousted "Uncle Fred" (as the chief executive officer) after the GLI went into bankruptcy in 1990.
For three years – many years ago – I followed in my father's tracks –
as a Greyhound coach operator –
thereby fulfilling my fondest childhood fantasy.
I have a serious, intense, and abiding interest in the history of both Greyhound and Trailways –
mostly Greyhound, of course –
that is, the various companies which once comprised Greyhound and Trailways.
A couple of years ago I began writing my autobiography,
which contains a major chapter entitled "Growing Up at Greyhound".
While writing that chapter I included so much historical material that I found it better to move the historical matter into a separate chapter – not an autobiographic chapter but a chapter in my autobiography nonetheless – a chapter entitled "Bluehounds and Redhounds".
While writing that latter chapter I decided to begin to post articles on this Wikipedia website –
articles about a number of the Greyhound and Trailways companies – along with a friendly and cooperative neighbor company.
Here goes ....
Southeastern Greyhound Lines
Tennessee Coach Company
Dixie Greyhound Lines
Teche Greyhound Lines
Florida Greyhound Lines
Atlantic Greyhound Lines
Great Lakes Greyhound Lines
Capitol Greyhound Lines
Central Greyhound Lines
New England Greyhound Lines
Richmond Greyhound Lines
/Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines
/Ohio Greyhound Lines
/Valley Greyhound Lines
/Overland Greyhound Lines
/Pacific Greyhound Lines
/Southwestern Greyhound Lines
/Northland Greyhound Lines
/Northwest Greyhound Lines
/The Greyhound Corporation
/National Trailways Bus System
/Continental Trailways
/Southern Trailways
/Carolina Coach Company
/Nashville Transit Company

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