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THERE IS NOWHERE TO ANSWER on any message I got. I posted 2 needed caveat paragraphs and Marauder 40 kept deleting them while writing me that they are "unconstructive" !



(TO Marauder40 et al: I am not a vandal. I am a lawyer. If you will stop deleting my LEGAL and SAFE Scripturally proven needed caveats, I will stop deleting your COMPLETELY MISLEADING Daniel 7 murder racket propaganda. You will please also note that I do not NEED to delete "your" lying junk to be understood. It is YOU who delete and call mine "unconstructive". OF WHAT? Murder rackets or phoney Catholicism?)

Here are the 2 caveat paragraphs:

Caveat Wiki - It should be noted that until the late 1980's this Holy Sign Icon was practically universally known without using the name of Jesus, as The Infant of Prague, in exact fulfillment of Hosea 2:16-17. Also, the only truly known origin of the hand-less Icon, a pile of rubble after the Thirty Years War, was later verified and supported in the nineteenth century by the events at Lourdes, France, around a pile of rubble. There have also been repeated fabricated attempts to base this powerful Holy Self-made miraculous Sign-Icon of Prague in Spain, because the timing of its discovery and Hosea fulfillment contradicts the anti-Semitic text then being prepared by Mary of Agreda in Spain solely to sell an apocryphal, scandalous, sinful and impossible name, "Joakim", for the father of Mary already 1000 years honorably secured as Levite "Amram" by the Holy Qoran.

Caveat Wiki (again) - Firstly, it should be noted in regard to the so-called Ratzinger "coronation" that for this event the hair on the Prague Holy Icon was painted unprecedented non-Jewish, non-Jacob (Genesis 25:21 et seq.), red. Also, the September 2009 event itself either never officially took place or could not last becase the Sanctuary of The Infant of Prague had been violated in April, 2009. Apparently Ratzinger had not cared to notice this. But when the Czech Republic rightly excluded/deported from Czech territory David Duke as undesirable or even dangerous in late April, 2009, it neither then nor thereafter made any provision for the human rights of Duke (who had actually kept an image of the Infant of Prague on his website the whole time he was getting his PhD), to obtain even a limited and guarded day pass access to the Holy Infant of Prague Shrine Sanctuary, which is not "Czech Territory". No one has sued the Czech government or the Vatican over this yet.