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Welcome to my user page[edit]

Hello. I am a Wikipedia user, and interested in adding new material and editing existing material. Been registered for a few years now. This is my user page. I find Wikipedia incredibly useful and after some years of using it and seeing it grow, I got inspired to join the many others who are contributing to it. As I am new to this, I am keeping personal information to the bare minimum until I learn my way around. I like the name DonToto so I am keeping it.

[20 March 2016] Well it's been a few years since I wrote the note above. I still like keeping a low profile. I have come to one conclusion so far - some people have an axe to grind. You can tell by some of the edits that get reverted. (:>)


Self-employed in the IT (Information Technology) industry, in Toronto, Canada.


Computer science, movies, biography, history, which is what I mainly use Wikipedia for. Actually I use Wikipedia for a lot of reference work.


I have one.

Tip of the day[edit]

Tip of the day...
Displaying tips on your user page

If you would like to display the Wikipedia tip of the day on your User page, here is how:

Edit your User page and insert one or more of the following bolded strings (including the four curly braces), preview your edit, and when it looks right, save it.

To see a visual display of the below templates check out the Tip of the Day Display template gallery.

  • {{totd}} – the main userspace version of the tip of the day template, with border, centered in the middle of the page. Complete with inspirational light bulb. Border color can be custom modified.
  • {{totd b}} – a more compact version of the above template. Useful for columns.
  • {{totd3}} – a purple box version, useful for displaying the tip in columns.
  • {{totd-random}} – this is the tip of the moment template, which automatically displays a different tip every time you enter a page it is on. If it doesn't update, try clearing your browser cache.
  • {{totd-tomorrow}} – this shows tomorrow's tip, and is used by Wikipedia tipsters to make sure that the tips are up-to-date and corrected before they go live.
  • {{tip of the day}} – the borderless version, with light bulb.
  • {{tip of the day with h3 heading}} – the tip in heading/paragraph format (No light bulb).
  • {{totd2}} – the borderless version used on Wikipedia's Help page (which already has its own borders). (No light bulb).
  • {{totd CP}} – like the help page version, but with a box and light bulb. Spans the whole field (screen or column) that it is in.
  • {{totd-static}} –  like the totd version but the date is static. You have to manually change the date. Good for testing purposes.

To have the current day's tip and tomorrow's tip show up at the bottom of your talk page, below the last message, paste this code anywhere on your talk page (preferably at the top):

<ref>{{totd}}</br>{{right|{{today cell}}{{spaces|5}}}}{{totd-tomorrow}}</ref>

To add this auto-updating template to your user page, use
{{tip of the day}}

Page stats tool[edit]

"Wikipedia page stats tool".