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Hello! I live near Philadelphia.

Articles I have done major work on:

  • The Greaseman -- Revised it, added a lot of information. However, since I did my initial work on it, it's been extensively revised and rewritten by other people, so most the wording is no longer mine. Such is Wikipedia.
  • J-Crown -- Beefed it up from a stub. Added most of what's on there now.
  • Minty -- Yes, I created an article about a My Little Pony. Unfortunately, some assholes with a vengeance decided to merge it. I could rant about this for pages, but this isn't the place for it. Just know I did create a page for Minty at one point and it doesn't exist anymore because of idiots.

I've also made minor additions to several articles about Professional Wrestlers. And, if you look hard enough, you'll find my name on a couple articles about comic books and comic characters. (Again, all minor edits. The only articles I've done substanial work on are listed above.)