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DOTA may refer to:

  • Defense of the Ancients, a custom scenario for the video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
    • Dota 2, the full-fledged sequel to the previously listed game, made on the Source engine
  • Dota (genre), a video game genre.

Nah, this isn't a Disambiguation page.

Let's keep this simple. I have been playing DotA for 6 years hence the username.

I created the Dota (genre) Wikipedia article. I would like to ask my fellow Wikipedia editors who are also veterans in the DotA community to help build it up.

--Dotaveteran (talk) October 2010

The Road to the Dota genre[edit]

Starcraft player since 1998 (Zerg)

Battle Realms player since 2001 (Dragon or Lotus)

Warcraft 3 player since 2002 (Night Elf)

Beta tester for various Warcraft 3 custom maps.

DotA player since 2005 (Any hero)

Heroes of Newerth player since 2009 (Any hero)

Starcraft 2 player since 2010 (Zerg)

Dota 2 beta tester.

Steam Workshop quality control.

The Collection[edit]

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