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Doug Pruden of Canada holds 9 current world records in push ups. He has done over 9 million push ups in his entire life. Doug's best at one arm push ups, fist push ups, and back of hand push ups. He enjoys sharing his healthy living message to young people whenever he can. Doug weighs in at 215 pounds with 18 inch arms. Keeping fit (and doing push ups) is a must do regular part of Doug's everyday life.

Doug records includ: 114 one arm push ups in one minute, 677 back of hand push ups on one arm, and 5557 fist push ups in 3:02:13 hours! He once finished 10,000 two arm push ups in a single sitting with no coffee breaks. Doug has appeared on TV and has talked on radio.

His favorite pasttimes include: Drawing, working out,architecture, listening to international music, and collecting the odd thing from free events. Doug appears in the 2008 Guinness world records for push ups. As for Doug's future aspirations; Doug says "Doing push up demos for people in the military overseas, and visiting schools in impoverished nations, that would be a joy".