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Heracles and the Discovery of the Secret of Purple
by Peter Paul Rubens, Musée Bonnat

The ambassador of the Scythians said to Dareios: "We are free like the wind, and all, what you can catch in our land, is the wind.".
Dareios answered to the ambassador of the Scythians: "No untruths and not under cheap sails." ("Nil vanum nec vile velis.").
Plutarch wrote that Dourios, who claimed to be a descendant of Alcibiades, added to the history about Alcibiades, that Alcibiades had entered the harbour with a purple sail.


Spent years in: Austria Bavaria
Spent weeks in: Croatia United Kingdom Spain France
Spent days in: Italy Hungary Czech Republic Luxembourg Belgium Andorra
Visited / passed by: Slovenia Slovakia Germany Holy See Switzerland Netherlands Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbia