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Knexus Screenshot
View of Knexus virtul library. Books are links to files, folders, URLs, etc.
Developer(s) MyTechnology LLC
Initial release 2007
Stable release / March 16, 2008 (2008-03-16)
Written in Java (Sun)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English
Type File manager

Knexus is the trade-name for a free-form computer file management system which mimics the organizational model of a real library or bookstore. The user interface for the system is presented as a real-time three-dimensional library. Each book in the library functions like a symbolic link to its associated file, directory or url and it may also contain customized information about the associated file.

This management system does not automatically organize files and it does not automatically create books or populate the shelves in the library. Depending on one's need or perspective, these features (or lack thereof) represent both pros and cons of the system.


The user makes all of the organizational decisions.
The user can develop a sense of space (in the virtual world) for the location of each book.
Context-related files which exist in widely diverse locations can be represented as a localized cluster of books in the library.


The user must make all the organizational decisions.
The library is not useful until many books are placed in the library
Time and effort are required by user to populate library.

Knexus is written entirely in Java and Java3D and was created by MyTechnology LLC. Currently, Knexus is only available for the Microsoft Windows platform.

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