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The Soul Woman, Molly Harvey was the eldest of 3 children, born in Southern Ireland in January 1965 and brought up on a 2,700 acre estate owned by Lord de la poer Beresford, John Beresford, 8th Marquess of Waterford.

Her father worked with the horses and, if still alive, today would be known as a 'Horse Whisperer'.

The Soul Woman was born intuitive. Until she was 13 years old she thought everyone could sense another persons soul. She was advised to put her gifts away. She withdrew into herself and closed the door on her True Calling in life. She followed a more conventional path studying various areas of behavioural psychology over the last 22 years.

In 1998 a chance encounter changed her life forever. A businessman, who she had known for many years, visited her home in England and said to her, “You are a Healer.” At first she was stunned and then replied, “I am, for many years I have been out in the wilderness,” and from that day forward she slowly began to re-open the door to the gifts that she was born with.

Molly was the visionary and founder of the International Soul School which ran its first weekend in Minnesota USA in 2006. Ireland was opened in 2007 with plans to unfold ISS England in April 2008.

She now realises that her early years of roaming the great estate in solitude (she was an only child until she was seven) was preparing her for the work that is unfolding in her life today.

The magnificent Estate of The Marquis of Waterford was the playgound of her childhood years. The surrounding countryside is still a quiet and tranquil place.

The Soul Woman Today[edit]

The Soul Woman has been invited to speak to many large corporations accross the globe. She was invited to speak by the United Nations in New York on more than one occassion. A motivational speaker and executive coach she has worked alongside the top people within some large blue chips and financial institutions.

Her lively and amusing delivery combined with a very powerful message have made her a partucular favourite with women entrepreneurs. She seems to have found current favour with the Forward Ladies networking group.


The Soul Woman has written several books including: The Cynic and the Soul, The Little Blue Flame and You can Do it.


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