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Vladimir Medeyko in Petrozavodsk.jpg

Владимир Владимирович Медейко
Санкт-Петербург/Петроград/Ленинград, Россия

Vladimir V. Medeiko
St.Petersburg/Leningrad, Russia

In Ukrainian my first name is spelled Володимир (Volodymyr). In Belarusian it's spelled Уладзімір (Uladzimir).

Official spelling of my last name in English is Medeyko.

Contact phone: +7-921-940-39-79

Your messages[edit]

Thanks for your interest. Please, don't post your messages at this page, but click here instead. However, if you find some mistake in this page (especially a typo or an awkward wording), feel free to fix.

My intentions[edit]

I don't like to make things that others can do much better than me. That is why I almost do not contribute to the mainstream articles in the English section of the Wikipedia project.

I know about Russia/Soviet Union much more than an average Wikipedian, that's why I mostly participate in discussions related to the Russian/Soviet history. However, in the Russian section I contribute to a wide range of articles; my interests are really encyclopedic and I'm happy to contribute to the Wikipedia project.

The Three Principles of the English Wikipedia[edit]

It's the 3. English 2. modern 1. encyclopedia.

  1. Encyclopedias do not necessary reflect the truth. They reflect knowledge. Hence Wikipedia should reflect knowledge. Non-mainstream theories should always be attributed, and common fallacies may be commented on and explained, but not removed.
  2. Modern terms might look incorrect for our precursors. However, Wikipedia should name and describe things as they are named and described now, providing some reasonable conservatism (say, relying on the most recent 25 years whenever possible).
  3. In the English section of the Wikipedia, the English-world wording prevails. The English Wikipedia should name things as they are named in English.

These principles, of course, do not replace the Wikipedia Rules and Guidelines, but complement them.

That is my understanding of the Wikipedia project.

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