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Professional Me[edit]

I'm an academic and administrator at California Lutheran University in the instructional design and technology field. I started editing Wikipedia in order to understand and advocate for its use in higher education. So far I've used it in two small classes, and am about to try it in my first large (N=20) class. My first experiment, summer 2013, had mixed results. They loved the assignment, but were very timid editors, and did not get the Wikipedia style correct. My second class, also a PR class, summer 2014, did better. I had them edit it in a sandbox, and worked with them closely on edits. Fingers crossed that my third time will go just as well, if not better.

Course Pages[edit]

User:Drdemartino/PR Sum 2013

Edited Pages[edit]

social judgment theory (fall 2014 Theory class)

Susan G. Komen for the Cure (summer 2014 PR class)

Supraorbital Ridge

Greenwashing (summer 2013 PR class)

California Lutheran University


La Otra Familia

Personal Me[edit]

I am an amateur naturalist and birder. I love crafting, gardening, cooking, and video games.