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About me[edit]

Hello! I was born in Germany of American parents, and live in Washington State. My name is actually Snow, in case you were wondering.

I play music avidly, and have three brothers. I attended Kenmore Junior High, where I am known as Zealot; Inglemoor High School; and Brigham Young University. I like stamps, reading, and the history of Europe.

My User-talk page will mostly serve as a log. Please write regarding Wikipedia business and historical matters there; in general, write personal matters below.

I am a Christian (specifically, my beliefs are Latter-day Saint). I am a man, a bachelor; my hometown is Kenmore.

List, list, list around the world: Suggestions for comedy[edit]

/Enter a man and a woman. They sit down at a table. A waiter approaches them./ WAITER: Welcome to Kazakhstan: the greatest state in nowhere. Sit down! Take a load off of your feet. What would you like to eat? Trout à la Sovietique? Flaming filet of yak?