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For more information about me, please see:

Since this is Wikipedia and all that... Language-wise, I'm a pretty diverse for an American:

  • English (American and British) — native tongue.
  • Chinese (Mandarin) — 4 years schooling, 1 year extracurricular + cultural immersion. Best at speech, so-so at reading/writing, but definitely the foreign language I'm most familiar with. Dialects: Beijing.
  • Korean — 12 years, partially self-taught, partially taught (as result of working at a Japanese bento restaurant). Best at reading/writing; vocabulary limited due to lack of regular exposure. Dialects: Seoul and Iksan.
  • Other languages: Japanese and Swedish — still working on both of these as time permits.

So don't be surprised if you see me editing pages that relate to any of these languages or things pertaining to any of these cultures.

Thank you!