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Uss iowa bb-61 pr.jpg This user is part of Operation Majestic Titan, a special project of the Military history WikiProject.

I am an engineer, entrepreneur and technology designer. On Wikipedia, however, it is more a matter that I am an amateur naval historian, specializing in technical aspects of WW-I ships, fire control systems in particular. That's a pretty small pond, and so it is this credential where my contributions will make the biggest difference.

I know how to use an apostrophe and will correct this mark's misuse without mercy, except possibly the stupid its/it's exception, which seems designed to make everyone not care about any infraction at all.

I edit my own wiki on the Dreadnought Era on my Dreadnought Project website with Simon Harley. It is complementary to Wikipedia, as it does not bar original research or citation of primary source material.

DulcetTone (talk) 01:44, 16 November 2011 (UTC)