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First of all i would like to ask you where do you get your sources about the Illyrians.I'm Albanian and frankly before i found out who wrote this article, i would've bet my house it was a serbian or a greek.To be so superficial in a subject so important for us Albanians it's very annoying to me.For example you don't mention that the big majority of historians embrace the fact that the Albanians are the descentant of the Illyrians.Second why don't you mention the first ever Illyrian king HYLLUS which in the Albanian language is translated STAR. So HYLLUS=STAR.How come you don't mention the last king of the Illyrians BARDHYLUS which in Albanian means WHITE STAR(BARDH=WHITE).Why don't you mention that the few inscriptions that exist today from Illyrians can be translated in Albanian.And when was the last time that you did a research on the Illyrians? Because if you do you'd find out that those historians were right .I'm reffering to LEMNO STELE.A stele discovered in the greek island of LEMNO with inscriptions that can only be translated in Albanian my friend.I suggest you do some more research and edit your article not just because i and all Albanians find it offensive but because you could not manippulate the history of an entire civilisation and just suggest and put together stories from newspapers.