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Proposed Wiki:Project articles/ revisions[edit]

  • (Below is a grouping of articles-to-be and articles-in-question. Feel free to take the liberty of adding to or creating as many of these articles as you see fit)

Marin County articles[edit]

West Marin:[edit]

Bolinas (needs revision/ more relevant-content)[edit]
  • History section needs expansion.
  • Clarify Demographics section.
  • Un-jumble Education section sentence lay-out.
  • Expand and provide links and references for Recreation section.
  • Decrease size of "Notable people" section.
  • Provide more "See also" links.
  • Get rid of vestigial reference links.
  • Merge sections 2 and 7 into a "People and culture" section.
  • Compress sections 1 and 6 into Geology.
Agate Beach, Bolinas, CA (unwritten)[edit]
Duxbury Reef, Bolinas, CA (unwritten)[edit]
Bass Lake, Bolinas CA (unwritten)[edit]

North Bay:[edit]

Marin County Sheriff's Department (unwritten)[edit]
Marin General Hospital (unwritten)[edit]


  • I am as it seems perpetually at work (thought often-times invisibly) in my artistic endeavors.

I intend to provide links for any available media related to my artwork, in a few broad areas. (I should also be provideing links to any projects that I am or have been associated with).

Sound arts[edit]


Visual Arts[edit]

Street Art documentation[edit]

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