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Hello and welcome to my Wikipedia User Page.

Would you like to know about my background? I am an American woman who has lived in France, Italy and Germany. I speak fluent French and Italian and occasionally work as a freelance translator. In addition my interest in Romance languages, I hold a degree in Information Technology. My area of concentration is XML.

Here at Wikipedia, I contribute on the margins and lately have been adding stubs for French films, minor details of the [[French_revolution|French Revolution] and Italian personalities. I find it fun and even relaxing but I am very much a newbee and have much to learn. My kind mentor, Perfecto, is helping me along the way.

I never thought I would see the day of the arrival of something like Wikipedia. I find it engaging and fulfilling to have become an Encyclopedist myself. Do you feel the same way?

Your cheerful contributor,

Echomarq January 15, 2006